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What is the WIL Digital Subsidy?

ICTC’s WIL Digital is an innovative Work Integrated Learning program that helps employers grow their businesses by providing financial assistance for hiring post-secondary students.
WIL Digital is funded by the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP).

Subsidies of 75% of wages paid to a maximum of $7500 to provide students with meaningful WIL opportunities that develop foundational and entrepreneurship/business skills; [applicable to all wages earned on or after May 25, 2020 until April 30, 2021

For any placement that started prior to May 25, 2020, the following categories will apply:

  • 50% of the student’s salary, up to $5,000; or
  • 70% of the student’s salary, up to $7,000, if the student falls within one of the following under-represented groups: Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Indigenous students, recent immigrants, students with disabilities, and first-year students.

Employer Eligibility Criteria

  • Hiring an eligible student from all disciplines of studies including Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM, Business, etc.
  • Registered business, not-for-profit organization or post-secondary institution in Canada
  • You are hiring for a Net New* position [Not applicable between May 25, 2020 and March 31, 2021]

*Net New is determined by subtracting the number of students hired in a fiscal year prior to first participating in the WIL Digital Program and the number of students the company is intending to hire in the current fiscal year, including those already hired. For example, if the company hired 3 students in the fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) prior to participating in the WIL Digital program, then the company must intend to hire 4 students in this fiscal year to qualify for 1 subsidy.

ICTC’s WIL Digital supports Canadian businesses that offer student work placements within the Digital Economy

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WIL Employer Hosni Zaouali has used the ICTC WIL program several times, and sees the many benefits for both students and employers! On Multiple occasions Hosni Zaouali has been part of the ICTC WIL Digital program and sees a lot of benefits for both the employer and the student.

Response Measures to Support Organizations During COVID-19

  1. The subsidy amount has been increased to 75% of the wages paid to the student up to $7,500.

  2. Waiving of the Net New criteria for all employers.

  3. Flexible start and end dates

  4. Remote placements are now eligible

  5. New pre-approval process [temporarily on hold]

  6. Post-Secondary Educational institutions are now eligible for the subsidy

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A Student's Gateway to Canada's Digital Labour Market
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As a student it can often be a struggle to secure meaningful work experience. ICTC’s WIL Digital helps you gain the necessary skills to give you a leg up on the competition upon graduation.

WIL Digital is a wage subsidy program and the funds are provided to the employers at the end of the work placement.

Only your employer can apply for the subsidy. After it’s been initiated, an invitation will be sent to you to begin your portion.

Please keep in mind that we do not accept applications submitted by students.

Student Eligibility Criteria

As a student (regardless of age), you are eligible for ICTC WIL Digital if you are: 

  • Registered full-time or part-time in a publicly funded Canadian post-secondary institution in Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, or Business Program
  • A  Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a protected person as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada, including specific province legislation and regulations

How Do I Start?

If you meet all the eligibility criteria you can reach out to your school’s co-op department or use regular job search tools to find a position that will help you build on your IT and digital-tech skills. When applying for jobs, inform your potential employer that in addition to bringing your unique skills and talents to their team your employer could qualify for ICTC’s WIL Digital wage subsidy.

Before your placement begins, provide your employer with a link to this page to get started on your application.

The FinTech Collaborative online learning module is currently available and the Intelligent Retail and Advanced Manufacturing models are coming soon.

*To learn more about our online learning tools, please email The WIL Digital Team